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Pest Inspections

Click here to learn about termites and other pests that can affect your property, and how to arrange an inspection to ensure they’re identified and able to be dealt with.

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Buildings 1840-1900

Houses and buildings constructed between 1840-1900 have their own set of characteristics and challenges from a structural perspective, especially 150+ years on! Find out more here.

Buildings 1900-1930

Houses and buildings constructed from 1900-1930 are unique in their construction and composition. Learn more about building styles and things to look out for here.

Building Acoustics and Ratings

Understanding acoustic impacts of the way buildings are constructed, floor and wall types and materials can help explain why you can hear your noisy neighbours! Click here to learn more about what you can do.

Building Problems - Structural Cracking

If you see cracks in walls or brickwork, it’s a sign of serious structural cracking and issues with your property. Find out more and get an inspection here.

Building Problems - Salt Deterioration

Buildings near coastal areas can be negatively impacted by salt spray and airflow, causing salt damage and deterioration. Learn more here and get an inspection.

Building Problems - Collapsing Balconies

Timber balcony construction, if not done and treated correctly, can eventually collapse or fall apart over time. Inspections are important – click here to learn more.

Damp and Mould in Buildings

Damp and Mould, whether environmental or internal, can cause huge damage and health concerns for occupants. Learn more about damp here and what can be done.

Defective Handrails

If handrails do not meet current safety standards or are incorrectly installed and built, they can cause safety problems for occupants. Click here to learn more.


Some construction techniques with cement and other materials can result in efflorescence staining. Click here to learn more and see what can be done.

Leaking Showers

Leaking showers or poor bathroom construction and waterproofing can have impacts on surrounding rooms and buildings if in an apartment. Click here to learn more.

Limited Builders Warranty Periods

Rules and regulations around builders warranties on new home or work construction have changed. Click here to learn more.

Building Construction Inspection Reports Sydney

Vendor Building Reports

Many real estate agents are offering building reports with a property sale. It’s important to understand whether these are biased towards the owner and may exclude crucial information. Find out more here.

Building Energy Criteria

BASIX regulations affect energy usage and environmental criteria for new buildings. Click here to learn more about the new regulations and what must be done.

Requirements to Protect Children and People Falling

Regulations on balconies, handrails, gaps, windows and more are in place for all new and old buildings to prevent possible injury and falls. Click here to learn more.

Restricted Builders Licences

It’s important to ensure that a builder conducting work on your property is adequately licenced and insured to the proper level. Click here to learn more.

Rusted Metal Angles

Rusted metal angles can significantly impact the structural integrity of your property and framework. Click here to find out more.

Building Construction Inspection Reports Sydney

Selling your House or Unit

There’s a few key things to consider when selling your property and it’s important you’ve taken them into consideration. Find out more here.

Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms are required by law and it’s important to ensure your building is compliant. Click here to find out more.

Sub-floor Ventilation

If your property doesn’t have adequate subfloor ventilation, problems with damp and moisture can occur. Click here to find out more.

Tree Roots

Large trees near a property can have roots that extend far underground, potentially impacting pipes and foundations. Click here to learn more.

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