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Building Problems – Structural Cracking

What is Structural Cracking?

Cracks in brickwork and cracks in concrete are usually building construction defects. Most are structural cracks and can be a result of engineering design, DIY lack of expertise, defective building practices or builder mismanagement. How to repair cracks will depend entirely on where the crack is located, type of soils, proximity of trees and the weather. Drought conditions can be a major factor. Your real estate investment will likely be devalued if the defect is structural and require structural repairs.

What do I need if I have structural cracking?

Where cracks have occurred, then a building inspection by an experienced building consultant, or building surveyor, will be required. The inspection will check the building construction type and contributing factors for these cracks appearing. Below you can see an example from a property inspected that showed cracking in brickwork and walls.

What problems arise due to structural cracks?

There are engineering and standard building tolerances where most minor cracks may not be defects. Cracks can also appear where renovations or additions have occurred. Bathroom and kitchens can be more of a concern with damage to tiles, walls, and floors and may result in leaking showers.

Major Structural Cracking

Where major structural cracks are evident, then a building consultant, or surveyor, will refer to an experienced structural engineer for engineering designs. This often involves structural underpinning but may also involve other building alternatives. The cost and type of repairs will depend entirely on each defect that is inspected.

Questions and Advice

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