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Asbestos Inspections and Reports

Why is it important to get an Asbestos Inspection?

An asbestos inspection and identification report is designed to document all areas where an asbestos product exists within a building or a property. Asbestos fibres microscopic and durable, once inhaled into the lungs they cannot be removed. A build-up of fibres over time causes major health issues. The risk factor will depend on the type of asbestos material and degree of exposure.

Often, an Asbestos Identification report is a requirement of the local Council, prior to undertaking any building works, so that any Asbestos can be removed safely. Alternatively, a homeowner may be concerned with asbestos on the property or within a building for health reasons.

What is Asbestos?

Asbestos fibres are contained within building materials. In essence, they were used as a reinforcing material, for example within sand and cement and were used for different building applications.

Asbestos was found to be such a good and durable product; it was extensively used in around 3000 different building products. For this reason, most homes in Australia constructed prior to the late 1980’s is likely to contain some degree of asbestos material.

Asbestos mainly falls into two categories:

  • Bonded material – this is generally in sheet form and used mainly as a wall or ceiling cladding. Sand, cement and resins form the majority of this product with asbestos being added to reinforce and bind the material. Usually this material is acceptable if it is treated or maintained in an approved manner. There are conditions for removal, repairing or working with this material.
  • Loosely bound or friable material. Where this material is identified there will be substantial conditions or restrictions placed upon it. All removal, repairs or working with the material must be with licensed Workcover approved contractors. The problem with this material is that the loose bound fibres can be released into the air and either contaminate a surrounding area, or be breathed in by a person.

Why is an Asbestos Report needed?

The benefits of undertaking an adequate asbestos inspection and identification report is to know areas where asbestos products exist in your property. This is essential prior to undertaking building works so that the risk of exposure to a hazardous material is known.

Incorrectly handling of asbestos could expose not only the homeowner but adjoining properties to some degree of asbestos fibres. The surveying, identification and reporting of asbestos products can only be undertaken by suitably experienced building experts

How do I get an Asbestos Report?

The building experts at DHBA will undertake an onsite inspection to determine areas where asbestos products exist. Where laboratory certification is required, then samples are taken to a NATA registered laboratory where testing and certification is given.

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