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Building Expert Inspections and Reports

DHBA was created in 1986 with the vision of providing a professional service and detailed reporting on building defects and issues, as well as providing detailed building expertise to purchasers of a property.

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Our Services

Building Inspections

Existing Residential, Units and New Home Defects. Specialists also in older buildings from 1840-1930’s.

Dilapidation Reports

Documents the property condition prior to commencement of work.

Building Expert Witness Report

Construction Defects, NCAT, court cases and other legal matters.

Asbestos Inspections

Specialist in identifying asbestos materials.

Building and Home Inspections and Reports

David Hall Building Appraisals (DHBA) commenced in 1986 with the vision to provide a professional service and detailed reporting on building defects for owner occupiers, purchases, Strata Managers and other professional bodies such as the NSW Civil & Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) or Courts.

Services Provided

DHBA provides inspections and expert reports in building and related matters such as building defect inspections on all types of housing including units, townhouses and villas or older construction 1840 – 1900, or 1900-1930, new construction, dilapidation and identification of asbestos materials.

Expert witness and litigation support is provided for a wide range of building issues in Court and NCAT. Building inspections are completed by experienced consultants and cover Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong and the Blue Mountains and surrounding areas. Reports include photographs, where appropriate, as well as references to required Building Standards or practices.

Building Defect and Construction Expertise

This expertise requires a thorough and extensive knowledge of the Building Code and acceptable tolerances to identify building defects and proposed solutions. Additionally, to remain at the forefront of building knowledge and up to date with products and applications, our experts are required to have a thorough knowledge of all building construction, whether it be a 120-year-old house with dampness issues or a new unit building that is showing signs of cracks or water leaks.

Specialist Divisions

Building Expert Witness Report is a Specialist Division providing inspections and reports for the Courts or the NCAT (NSW Civil & Administrative Tribunal or Court. These reports require a further depth of building knowledge and the ability to provide substantiation of the defect and appropriate solutions.

Dilapidation Reports is a Specialist Division providing condition reports on a buildings or property prior to construction commencing in proximity. Our experts evaluate the impact that the works will have on the building and adjoining properties or infrastructure.

Asbestos Inspection Reports is a Specialist Division that identifies Asbestos products within your building or property and provides remediation information. The surveying, identification and reporting of asbestos products can only be undertaken by a suitably experienced building expert.

Pest inspections are completed by competent and licensed pest inspectors who undertake a thorough inspection of the building and property and then provide a report on their findings. This allows our inspectors to focus on their expertise and, if required, follow through with recommendations and assistance in managing any pest infestation damage and remediation.

Services Offered


DHBA (David Hall Building Appraisals) provides building expert reports in Sydney and surrounds as part of the litigation support for matters which are before the Consumer Trader and Tenancy Tribunal (NCAT) or the Court. Click for more info on Building Expert Witness Reports.


A Dilapidation report is often referred to as a Condition report as it reflects the condition of a building or property. A thorough dilapidation report by a suitably qualified building expert. Click for more info on Dilapidation Reports.


Asbestos inspections are essential to uncover any asbestos materials used in construction that could be damaging to your health in demolition or renovations. Click here for more info on Asbestos and Asbestos Reports.

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