Selling A House

Selling your house or unit can be a stressful time with so much happening.  Selecting the right agent and is a conveyancer or solicitor better?  Have you already purchased and are being pressured to have a quick sale?  The last thing that you need is for your prospective purchaser to walk away because a building defect was found or termites have moved into your house.

At DHBA we are able to assist in a prompt sale by offering the following :

  • Vendor report – this report can be included in your property sale documents for a prospective purchaser.

  • Pest report – this inspection and report will document any termite, borer or wood decay damage.

  • Defect report – this inspection and report will identify any defects that will be found by a building consultant that is engaged by the prospective purchaser.  That will allow you some time to undertake repairs before the sale, if that is feasible.