Building Inspections


Purchasing a house, unit or townhouse can be stressful enough without purchasing a property that is affected by significant defects which may not be obvious to an untrained person.  You can have confidence with DHBA (David Hall Building Appraisals) as we have in excess of 25 years experience in undertaking pre-purchase building inspections.  This experience is utilised in each building inspection which has been undertaken on a pre-purchase of a house, home, unit, villa or townhouse.

Defects within buildings can vary significantly depending upon the age of the building, extent of maintenance which has been undertaken over the years, illegal or sub-standard building works including additions, but also can include information on structural cracking to buildings, leaking showers, sagging roofs, leaks from skylights, leaking windows, condensation mould, rising dampness and penetration dampness.

A DHBA pre-purchase building inspection provides you with professional reports that are in an easy-to-read format and include photographs to assist in identifying defects which have been found.  This allows the purchaser to make an informed decision on the building with the knowledge of the required repairs or maintenance over the next 3-5 years.  The report also includes relevant information on major defects, minor items of concern and general maintenance.

As an added feature to a DHBA pre-purchase building inspection we provide relevant attachments, which are information sheets where defects or issues are found at the time of the inspection.  These attachments are information on how to carry out repairs with recommendations for the best product to be used for those defects.

The advantages of DHBA pre-purchase building inspections include the following:

  • An extensive inspection report is provided with email copy completed a day after the site inspection and with a hard copy and any attachments forwarded by mail.
  • Prices quoted are inclusive of GST and it is good value for the extent and detail of information provided.
  • All reports are completed to the Australian Standard 4349.1-2007, or better.
  • A purchaser can contact the inspector should there be any queries relating to the report provided.
  • Pest inspections are available from qualified and licensed pest operators.

Our inspectors are members of the Master Builders Association, Housing Industry Association and the Australian Institute of Building Consultants, and attend regular meetings and seminars to remain informed of latest trends and new products, as well as being informed by highly qualified experts in specialist fields.


Sub-floor problems

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image003  - make sure that there is sufficient space to access sub-floor for inspecting as well as tradespeople to undertake works.

Roof problems
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Internal Flooring

Kitchen and bathroom problems

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