Requirements To Protect Children Falling


Requirements to protect children from falling from high-rise buildings including apartments and homes.

An Australian Standard is to be introduced shortly that will restrict the opening sizes of windows in new homes and apartments that are more than 2 metres off the ground by installing window locks so that the opening is not more than 125mm.  An alternative is that reinforced or security screens are installed to prevent children falling from a height.  This is a safety requirement in buildings, houses, units and apartments and is to be effective in new building construction.  It is possible that retro-fitting to older buildings may become a later issue.

The requirements are also that the height between floor levels and window sills is to be 865mm where the sill of the open window is more than 4 metres from the ground.  One of the main windows of concern is double hung or vertical sliding windows where the bottom part of the window slides in an upward direction.


The final requirements for locking mechanisms or materials within a reinforced screen is yet to be finalised, however, this is expected to be more obvious at a closer time to the standard being enforced.

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