Residential high-rise constructions


Exemption from home warranty insurance

From 31 December 2003, construction commencing on multi-storey buildings is not required to be covered by home warranty insurance. 

Under the exemption:

  • A building contractor who commences residential building work in relation to the construction of multi-storey building on or after 31 December 2003 is not required not take out a certificate of home warranty insurance in respect of the work.
  • A developer who enters into a contract for the sale of land on which exempted work has been done or is to be done, is not required to attach to the sale contract a certificate of insurance in respect of the work.

For the purposes of the exemption, a multi-storey building is a building that:

  • has a rise in storeys of more than 3,  and
  • contains 2 or more separate dwellings.

A storey does not include a space within a building that is only intended to accommodate vehicles.

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